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For Longy’s 2022–2023 event season, we invite you to leave all preconceptions at home.

Musical experiences can have any starting point. Whether born of complex ideas, emotional impulses, or spontaneous inspiration, every music maker begins wherever they are—which is exactly where they need to be.

Just as there’s no right way, no single starting line for becoming a musician, composer, or performer, there’s no one correct entry point for us as the audience. There’s no required reading for experiencing a piece of music, no prerequisite understanding or context to bring with you to a musical experience. You come to it from wherever you are.

In relinquishing our ideas of what a musical experience should be, we open ourselves to receiving and internalizing music in a way that is unique and true to each of us.

Every artist, composer, and musician represented in this season’s program took a different path to arrive at Longy, detours and scenic routes included. We hope the stories on our stages this year inspire you to begin your own new journey, no matter where you start. Allow yourself to begin wherever you are.

When there’s no set path to follow, you become free to begin anywhere.

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Sidewalk Stories: Film Screening & Collaborative Score Performance by The Modern Times Ensemble

Saturday • November 14, 2020   |   11:00 am

Sidewalk Stories is a 1989 American independent film directed by and starring Charles Lane. The black-and-white, nearly silent, film tells the story of a young African American man raising a small child after she is separated from her mother and her father is murdered. The film is a post-modern homage to Charlie Chaplin’s 1921 feature The Kid. In October 2014, Sidewalk Stories was released on DVD, and has since, garnered more attention at film festivals around the world for being a ground breaking independent film that utilizes older film constructs and techniques in updated ways to address the long standing issue of homelessness in America. The Modern Times Ensemble, in the tradition of the Alloy Orchestra and others, have reimagined the sonic landscape for this film with an entirely new composed and improvised film score. The new collaborative work explores the loneliness of urban homelessness and loss through a combination of stark electro-acoustic ambient settings and character driven melodies and grooves that move effortlessly through styles from jazz, rock, classical and more. Large sections of the score are open for improvisation which gives an urgency to the music as the players interact with the film action and each other in real time.
Roy Lewis – Trumpet and Electronics
Eric Klaxton – Tenor Sax, Synth and Electronics
Keenan Ruffin – Guitar and Electronics
Ben Shparber – Electric Piano
Esteban Godoy – Acoustic Piano
Eric Hofbauer – Director, Percussion and MPC1000


Saturday • November 14, 2020
11:00 am


Longy School of Music, 27 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138 United States
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