At a Glance


Programs: Longy offers 10 different Degrees and Diplomas, plus two Certificate Programs.

Enrollment: 280 students from 31 states and 27 countries

Main Campus: Cambridge, MA

Average Class Size: 11.6
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 2:1
Scholarships Awarded Each Year: $4.5 million
Students Receiving Aid: 97%
Average Aid Received by Each Student: 40%

Faculty: Our gifted teaching and performing artists will become part of your musical network.

Partnerships: 40

Summer Programs: Four summer programs welcome students from all over the world, both amateur and professional musicians, and include Certified Music Practitioner Training, Dalcroze Summer Institute, Divergent Studio, and El Sistema Summer Academy.

The world needs music now more than ever. At Longy, we prepare students to become exceptional musicians who can engage new audiences; teach anyone, anywhere; and use artistry to change lives in communities around the world. Join us and become the musician the world needs you to be.

Longy is a degree-granting conservatory in Cambridge, MA with an additional campus in Los Angeles, CA. We offer a full spectrum of performance, composition, and teaching programs, including a new Master of Music in Music Education (Cambridge) and a Master of Arts in Teaching (Los Angeles), the nation’s first one-year, El Sistema-inspired degree programs.

We’ve turned graduate education on its head with our innovative Catalyst Curriculum, which pairs musical excellence with the skills needed to become a professional musician in a rapidly changing musical landscape. At Longy, you will discover many paths to make a meaningful life in music.