At Longy, we are truly a family. Our team is small but mighty and works every day to make your experience at Longy life-changing.

For all administrative staff, call: 617.876.0956

Business office fax: 617-354-8841

Academic Affairs fax: 617-876-9326

Karen Zorn – President
Rhaea D’Aliesio – Artistic Director and Special Assistant to the President
x1800 [email protected]
Ann Welch – Chief Operating Officer x1805 [email protected]
Academic Affairs
Judith Bose – Dean of the Conservatory  x1803 [email protected]
Wayman Chin – Dean Emeritus [email protected]
Jeremy Van Buskirk – Special Advisor to Academic Affairs x1789  [email protected]
Rebecca Teeters – Acting Assistant Dean of Curriculum Development and Innovation x1780 [email protected]
Gabriela Alvarado – Community Engagement Manager x1774 [email protected]
Erin Zaffini – Director of Teacher Education x1793 [email protected]
Jamie Gunther – Assistant Director of Teacher Education x1772 [email protected]
Michael Gutierrez – Administrative Manager of Teacher Education x1779 [email protected]
Donald Berman – Department Chair, Keyboard Studies x1794 [email protected]
Corrine Byrne – Department Chair, Vocal Studies
x1798 [email protected]
Alexandra du Bois – Department Chair, Composition and Theory x1760 [email protected]
Eric Hofbauer – Department Chair, Jazz and Contemporary Music x1788 [email protected]
Andy Kozar – Department Chair, Instrumental Studies
x1786 [email protected]
Dr. William C. Banfield- Senior Scholar in Residence
[email protected]
Tyler Reece – Acting Associate Dean of Enrollment and Student Life
x1790 [email protected]
Holly Dyer – Assistant Director of Student Services
x1775 [email protected]
Benjamin Nourse Gross – Assistant Director of Admissions
x1796 [email protected]
Zishi Liu – International Student Coordinator
x1804 [email protected]
Caitlin Laird – Admissions and Student Services Coordinator x1769 [email protected]
Aaron Clarke – Manager for Academic Operations x1787 [email protected]
Ruth Blackburn – Director of Academic Counseling x1785 [email protected]
Nicole Shervington – Registrar x1764 [email protected]
Jay Colbert – Library Director x1778 [email protected]
Library Desk x1762 [email protected]
Institutional Advancement
Allison Cooley – Chief Development Officer
x1768 [email protected]
Meredith Gulley – Director of Marketing and Communications
x1759 [email protected]
Lynnae Terrill – Assistant Director of Events and Donor Engagement
x1792 [email protected]
Jayoung Kim – Assistant Director of Annual Fund and Corporate Giving
x1792 [email protected]
Administrative, Finance, And Operations
Ann Welch – Chief Operating Officer x1805 [email protected]
John Galvin – Chief Financial Officer x1773 [email protected]
Steven Newman – Accountant x1799 [email protected]
Kelley Pierce – Finance Manager x1795 [email protected]
Lauren Flaherty – Director of Student Financial Assistance x1797 [email protected]
Friguens Augustin – Acting Manager of Information Systems x1757 [email protected]
Sarah Walsh – Director of Human Resources
x1802 [email protected]
Russell Marshall – Facilities Manager x1767 [email protected]
Nicholas Solimini – Front Desk Receptionist x1770 [email protected]
Tyler “Apollo” Apollito – Front Desk Receptionist x1770 [email protected]
Rhaea D’Aliesio – Artistic Director and Special Assistant to the President x1800 [email protected]
Geoffrey Edwards – Production Manager, Concert Office x1765 [email protected]
Hannah Cooper – Program Manager for Artistic Operations
x1771 [email protected]