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Andy Kozar

Good music is good music! In high school, on any day you might hear coming from my room classical trumpet music, n’Sync, punk, jazz, symphonic classical music, and some pretty cheesy country. To this day, there’s really not a style I don’t like.

Later I wanted more from my musical life, I wanted to be more engaged with the creative and collaborative aspects of music making, and new music was where I found that space to explore. I came to early music a bit later, but I think I was drawn to it for the same reasons I was drawn to new music. There’s an experimental, creative, collaborative essence to performing early music. We’ll never know exactly what it sounded like, but we can experiment with the instruments, with the old texts, and together create something that, though written hundreds of years ago, is fresh, exciting, and vibrant. What I find inspiring aren’t so much the instruments as the performers. Hearing Kristian Bezuidenhout spin a phrase on the piano-forte, or Dave Douglas dance across all registers of the trumpet— these are the people I find inspiring, no matter the instrument.

At Longy, we give our students incredible agency over the shape and focus of their education—all within a close-knit community of musical learning and creation, in a city with one of the country’s most vibrant and diverse musical scenes!

More information about Andy Kozar can be found at andykozar.com.

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