Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Music

Joint Program with Emerson College

Through an arrangement with Emerson College, students enrolled in Longy’s Undergraduate Diploma program may simultaneously pursue the Bachelor of Music degree at Emerson College in Boston. In addition to completing all requirements for the Undergraduate Diploma at Longy, students complete Emerson’s general education curriculum. Students who enroll in the program will be able to utilize resources (e.g. library, alumni network, career services) provided by both institutions.

Duration: Two or more summers.
Tuition: Part-time tuition charges through Emerson College on a per-credit basis.

Emerson Tuition & Fees

Credit Requirements: 36-56 credits of Liberal Arts Curriculum at Emerson College, depending on waivers and Longy courses that satisfy requirements. A minimum of 32 credits must be taken at Emerson College. 96 Credits must be completed at Longy.


The following General Education requirements must be completed:

  • Introduction to Writing
  • Research Writing
  • Fundamentals of Speech Communication
  • Quantitative (May be waived by 550 SAT or 4 years of high school math)
  • Aesthetic Perspective (may be satisfied at Longy by Music History)
  • Ethics and Values Perspective
  • Historical Perspective
  • Interdisciplinary Perspective
  • Literary Perspective
  • Scientific Perspective
  • Social and Psychological Perspective
  • World Language (may be waived by 3 years of high school language)
  • U.S. Diversity (may be satisfied simultaneously with another course)
  • Global Diversity (may be satisfied simultaneously with another course)

How To Apply: Bachelor of Music Joint Program

Application Deadline: March 15

Application Requirements: Interested students must apply and be accepted to Longy first, and then independently apply to Emerson during their first semester.

Students must complete the Emerson Application and choose Summer Term as their start date.

The following materials are required in addition to the Common Application:

    • High school transcript or GED: An official, final high school transcript or GED indicating your date of graduation is required. If Longy School of Music has an official copy of your high school transcript, we will accept a copy sent directly from the Registrar’s office.
    • College/University transcripts: An official transcript is required from each college or university you have attended. For your current institution, make sure the transcript indicates courses in progress. Successful candidates typically have maintained a 3.0 grade point average in previous college coursework. However, we will consider any special circumstance you list in your application.
    • Academic report: An evaluation or recommendation is required from someone who has taught you in a college subject.
    • Mid-Term Report:Includes estimated grades from your current semester.
    • SAT or ACT results: Test scores can be sent to Emerson from the College Board (SAT code: 3367, ACT code: 1820). If the SAT or ACT scores are listed on your official high school transcript, Emerson will accept those as official. If Longy School of Music has an official copy of your high school transcript, Emerson will accept the SAT/ACT scores on high school transcripts sent directly to the Registrar’s office. Test scores are not required if student:
    • Has earned an associate’s degree
    • Has junior status or above
    • Graduated high school 3 years or more ago

For Application Questions: Nicholas Washburn, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions | 617-824-8451

For Academic Questions:
Anne M. Doyle, Executive Director of Academic Administration | 617-824-8220