Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Music

Joint Program with Emerson College

Earn your Bachelor of Music degree at Emerson College in Boston through a joint program with Longy. You’ll complete Longy’s Undergraduate Diploma requirements, benefitting from the conservatory faculty, performance opportunities, and artistic and social change programs while fulfilling your liberal arts credits at Emerson. You’ll be able to take advantage of the resources of both institutions—including the alumni network and career services—setting you up for success after graduation.

Level: Undergraduate

Duration: Four years
Year 1 – Full-time at Longy
Year 2 – Full-time at Longy
Year 3 – Full-time at Longy, Part-Time at Emerson
Year 4 – Full-Time at Emerson, Part-time at Longy

Major Areas
Brass  and Woodwinds
Vocal Studies

Longy Tuition and Fees
Emerson Tuition and Fees 

Credits: 129 totals credits required. Approximately 45 credits will be completed at Emerson College. 84 Credits must be completed at Longy.

General Education Requirements to be completed at Emerson College

  • Introduction to Writing 
  • Research Writing 
  • Fundamentals of Speech Communication 
  • Quantitative (May be waived by 550 SAT or 4 years of high school math) 
  • Aesthetic Perspective (may be satisfied at Longy by Music History) 
  • Ethics and Values Perspective 
  • Historical Perspective 
  • Interdisciplinary Perspective 
  • Literary Perspective 
  • Scientific Perspective 
  • Social and Psychological Perspective 
  • World Language (may be waived by 3 years of high school language) 
  • U.S. Diversity (may be satisfied simultaneously with another course) 
  • Global Diversity (may be satisfied simultaneously with another course)

Tyler Reece,  Director of Admissions and Student Services
Longy School of Music of Bard College   | 617-831-1790

Nicholas Washburn,  Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Emerson College  | 617-824-8451