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Meet Longy Latinx Student Union President, Nina Kasper 

By April 26, 2024News

Friday, April 26, 2024 

If vocalist Nina Kasper (MM 24) could tell her younger self anything, what would it be? 

“I’d emphasize the importance of seizing opportunities,” she says, something she understands well after five years of self-discovery enhanced by her time in the Longy Latinx Student Union (LSU).  

Ready to make an impact on the LSU, Nina eagerly accepted a role as organization president in 2020. “I was excited to contribute fresh ideas and initiatives to enrich our community and honor Latinx cultural heritage.”

Nina Kasper

Beginning with Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations, she then led the LSU in hosting live performances of music from Hispanic countries, salsa, bachata, and merengue lessons, and a Día de los Muertos event, complete with food, dancing, and a fantastic turnout. “It was heartwarming to see everyone appreciating the richness and vibrancy of our heritage.” 

By rising to the challenge to lead a student organization and share the beauty of Latinx culture with the Longy community, Nina realized how important inclusivity was to her, informing her plans for life after Longy.  “The supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere of the LSU has allowed me to feel understood and valued.” 

As she approaches graduation, she reflects on her Longy journey as a time of soul-searching and a valuable opportunity to zero in on what matters most. Nina hopes to give others the same tools to explore a culture and create meaning in their own lives. For example, she’s currently working on a Latin American folkloric album, which marries her love of cello, singing, and Latinx heritage. 

Longy has been an incredibly nurturing environment for me to develop as a musician and explore new avenues of creativity.” 

 Looking toward the future, Nina has begun work on an ambitious project to make opera more approachable for young students. By hosting accessible concerts of opera songs that are easy to listen to and showcase the magic of singing, she and a team of artists will work to inspire a love of performing arts in the next generation of musicians.  

Her long-term goal is to gain the experience necessary to establish a children’s theater where young artists can explore the joy of music and interact with different genres every day. She hopes it will be a space like the LSU—a place where differences are celebrated, and students actively work to understand and care for each other.  

After five years at Longy and four spent with the LSU, Nina is clear on what her calling is.  

“It’s all about fostering a sense of unity.”