Faculty Profile


Rane Moore specializes in orchestral and chamber music as well as in contemporary music. She is dedicated to exploring music’s power to make life better in both small and significant ways. At Longy, Rane teaches clarinet and chamber music.

Longy attracts a special kind of student: those with an innate creative vision, who are self-motivated and driven to deepen their understanding of their own artistic identity. We’re dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion and to providing a safe, accepting environment for people of all life experiences. We train musicians not only to be successful in the current world, but to thrive in the world of the future.

I love seeing students arrive here and flourish in our community, and I feel heartened when I reflect on music’s power to transform and heal. Whether as a distraction from physical discomfort, respite from mental distress, or just as entertainment, music is such a versatile and important tool. Longy encourages students to make a difference in the world with their music, as well as to understand their role in and impact on society with their artistry.