Faculty Profile

Collaborative Piano, Jazz & Contemporary Music


Matt Savage is a jazz and classical pianist who has been performing professionally since childhood. He teaches in the Collaborative Piano and Jazz and Contemporary Music departments at Longy. 

One thing I really enjoy about Longy’s teaching and learning community is how closely everything is intertwined. There’s a lot of conversation between different courses and departments, which can help students adapt to the changing and diverse music landscape of today. As both a classical and jazz pianist, I’ve seen how there are more and more opportunities to create an interplay between different aesthetics in today’s music scene. 

There’s something so special about Longy’s environment, especially how tight-knit our programs are. This academic setting allows students to build long-lasting musical relationships, and to find their artistic voices. Longy doesn’t just give students seeds of creative ideas, but also the roots—and the right kind of soil for growing. 

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