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Anastassiya Petrova Faculty Photo

Anastassiya Petrova

“Intuition or, in other words, improvisation” were the first words Anastassiya’s mentor said when she…
Emily Arkin
December 8, 2022

Chris Klaxton

Chris Klaxton has developed a reputation as a gifted multi-instrumentalist and imaginative composer—and equal to…
Emily Arkin
December 7, 2022

Ilona Tipp

Teaching Philosophy I teach healthy vocal technique grounded in a functional approach, through understanding of…
Jessie Summa Russo
August 1, 2022
Noah Preminger

Noah Preminger

Of saxophonist Noah Preminger, The New York Times declares: “Mr. Preminger designs a different kind…
August 25, 2020
Ana Guigui

Ana Guigui

Ana Guigui is a transplanted New Yorker presently living in Boston by way of Los…
September 17, 2019

Neal Smith

Neal Smith is an internationally recognized drummer, performing regularly in clubs, concert halls, colleges, and…

Peter J. Evans

Peter J. Evans is a theorist/composer, composer/theorist, as well as a performer/lecturer, lecturer/performer. He received…
July 2, 2019