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Seychelle Dunn-Corbin

Seychelle Dunn-Corbin is a Boston-based saxophonist known for her inclusion, dedication, and advocacy of African…
Emily Arkin
November 10, 2022

Sarah Whitney

Praised by the Washington Post for her “marvelous violin acrobatics”, violinist Sarah Whitney is celebrated…
Emily Arkin
October 12, 2022
Christopher Schroeder Profile Picture

Chris Schroeder

Boston-based musician, educator, and advocate Christopher Schroeder is a catalyst for social change through music…
Lucia Panizza
October 4, 2022

Ilona Tipp

Teaching Philosophy I teach healthy vocal technique grounded in a functional approach, through understanding of…
Jessie Summa Russo
August 1, 2022
Jamie Gunther

Jamie Gunther

Teaching Philosophy:  The classroom is a place in which an assemblage of knowledge, texts, and…
Emily Arkin
July 26, 2022

Eri Nakamura

Collaborative Piano faculty member and Neave Trio pianist Eri Nakamura is driven by music’s power…
Emily Arkin
July 19, 2022

Ralph Farris

As musicians, as artists, we are first and foremost, communicators. And at the heart of…
Emily Arkin
July 7, 2022

Mario Gotoh

I approach teaching with my values I carry in life and music-making. I believe in…
Emily Arkin
July 7, 2022