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Rebecca Strauss

Rebecca Strauss
Music as a Healing Art; Career Coaching

Rebecca Strauss is a professional classical violist and violinist, a Certified Music Practitioner, the Music Director of Riverview Chamber Players, and a Certified Life Coach.

She is known for her artistry and vision and her ability to create safe, nurturing spaces for others to flourish. She has a firm belief in a person’s wholeness and capacity to transform pain into power and a strong desire to contribute to the wellbeing of others.

Whether using the beauty and power of live music or the process of life coaching, Rebecca has witnessed the positive and life-changing impact of her work. She has been referred to by her patients as “Dr. Viola” and “a musical nurse,” while coaching clients have called her a “midwife” for their true selves.

Rebecca has produced and performed hundreds of music healing events that provide respite for hospital patients, individuals in homeless shelters and prisons, and for families of homicide victims. She also performed at Buckingham Palace at an event hosted by Princess Anne to raise awareness of survivors of acid violence worldwide.