Longy's Course Catalog

Online Hybrid-Online Hybrid-In-Person In-Person
Classes conducted through Microsoft Teams, with specific deadlines for completing coursework. While there is no set meeting time (asynchronous instruction provided), instructor will schedule some virtual meetings or discussion groups synchronously, as appropriate. Weekly commitment to online coursework and virtual meetings will not exceed the class meeting duration listed in the course catalog. Classes held virtually at set meeting times (synchronous course delivery) and recordings posted online for students who cannot attend in person. Assignments are completed online, allowing students to take the class remotely. Course meeting times are listed in the course schedule. Instructors may teach from home or from a Longy space. Classes held on campus at set meeting times augmented by additional online course content. Coursework is completed both in person and online. Course meeting times are listed in the course schedule with additional virtual meetings scheduled by the individual instructor. Classes meet on campus at set meeting times. No online component.
Online students may take:
Online courses Hybrid-Online courses Hybrid-In Person courses
only with permission of Instructor
In Person courses
may not be taken