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In a radically changing world, your music matters now more than ever. Career possibilities reach well beyond the proscenium stage, and there is no single path to musical success. Your greatest contributions will come when you are the most aligned and integrated version of yourself.  That is why we’ve created the Career Coaching Program @Longy.

Coaching is a transformational process of self-discovery.
It is built on the belief that you are capable and whole and that the answers you seek are found within you. Our Longy coaches are expert in asking powerful questions that help you identify values, raise awareness, identify roadblocks, shift lenses, explore options and organize priorities.

At Longy, you’ll have access to career coaching throughout your entire graduate education (and beyond!).  Coaching ties together the threads of the Catalyst Curriculum–helping to guide your selection of courses by taking you from where you are now to where you’d like to be at each point along your journey.

Additionally, “The Multifaceted Career” is a signature component of the Career Coaching Program, providing weekly conversations with artists who embody this expansive, aligned and integrated narrative of holistic career success.

Meet the Longy Career Coaching Staff

Coaching is a heart-opening and mind-expanding process, full of infinite possibilities.  It’s a great joy and privilege to support you on your journey of self-discovery, and my aspiration is to help you deepen your understanding of who you are, where you want to be, and how you’ll get there.
—Ruth Blackburn, Director of Academic Counseling and Career Coach


Wherever you are on your path to artistry, I believe you are capable and empowered to meet any challenge you face. I look forward to supporting you in authentic and honest conversation as you uncover your dreams and strive for your goals.
—Rachael Elliott, Bassoon Faculty, Ensemble Uncaged (co-director), Career Coach


I hope that students who participate in the Longy coaching program can really unlock and uncover their fullest potential and learn some new valuable skills about how to look differently at their artistry and at new projects that they may be embarking upon.
—Gabrielle Molina, Teacher Education Faculty, Career Coach


With an open mind, compassion, and sincerity, I am here to support you on a journey to explore your dreams, to understand, and to clarify what your heart really desires. Through the process of identifying goals, priorities, obstacles and investigating possibilities, I believe the power is within you to unleash your potential and grow to become the person you want to be.
—Esther Ning Yau, Piano Faculty


I believe in you and your ability to unearth your vibrant and authentic self.  I will meet you in the moment with compassion and fun to explore pathways to allow your journey to unfold.
—Rebecca Strauss, Music as a Healing Art Faculty