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Faculty Profile

Piano / Collaborative Piano

Pianist and Collaborative Piano faculty member Eri Nakamura is driven by the power music has to inspire and to connect people with one another. She is also a pianist with the Neave Trio, which  combines interdisciplinary art forms with their music to produce surprising and engaging concert experiences.

I chose to teach at Longy because of its intimate, supportive, and diverse community, where we’re able
to give students our undivided attention—helping them discover and explore the impact their music can have on society. There is also a focus on interdisciplinary artistry and collaboration, which allows us to widen the scope of classical music and welcome music and musicians from different backgrounds. I’ve seen the importance of this firsthand in my work with the Neave Trio, where we’re always looking for new ways to elevate our concerts.

To me, music is about healing and transformation. People want to be connected to one another—and music can offer that connection without language, without words. Students deserve support and empathy, not competition. That’s part of what makes Longy a great place to grow as a person and a musician, as we help students realize their potential to change the world.

Piano & Collaborative Piano