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Longy cello faculty member Christine Lamprea is well-known for her performances alongside top symphony orchestras in the US and abroad. Throughout her career, she has explored many different genres of music and worked on her own projects, including arrangements of traditional South American tunes that have been performed around the world.

I love teaching at Longy because our unique curriculum attracts really interesting, self-motivated students who are curious about creating a relevant career and sustainable living as musicians, even in a time when there are lots of challengesIt’s been inspiring to help students master the cello and watch as they gain perspective on the role of the musician today.  

I grew up with one foot in my Colombian heritage and one foot in the United States, which has led me to think a lot about identity. I’ve always had certain music inspired by my experience in the back of my mind, which I’ve transcribed, arranged, and performed. I think it’s important to share music in a way that’s meaningful for you—everyone has to find a way to perform earnestly and authentically, with great excitement and deep understanding of what they’re playing.  

One of my most transformative experiences as a musician was while performing Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony with my first youth orchestra. I was sitting way in the back by the woodwinds and violas. But when I heard that mix of sound, that was the first time I felt a real fireand experienced the way music gives life so much meaning.  

I went on to study performance, and got into teaching because of how much I enjoyed giving master classes alongside my performances. I liked having a more long-term commitment to my students and being able to watch their growth. That’s also made my own playing better—I learn as much from my students as they do from me. 

Recently, we’ve seen how much people need music and art for healing. Longy encourages an approach to music that lets us continue healing people while also taking care of ourselves and having a sustainable career.  

The faculty and staff at Longy have such a diverse array of performance experience and are open to new ideas. Our Catalyst Curriculum gives students the tools to not only master their instruments but go on to make a living as musician.

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