begin anywhere

Musical experiences can have any starting point. Whether born of complex ideas, emotional impulses, or spontaneous inspiration, every music maker begins wherever they are—which is exactly where they need to be.

The Longy community responded to a call for 30-second musical responses to the animations you see here: an invitation to create, share, experience, and illuminate different sound worlds—and the artistic process itself.

I.—Emily Roberts
Emily Roberts: Synthesized sounds created with Cecilia5

Sunday—Xiurui Zhao
Xiurui Zhao: piano

Begin Anywhere—Fraser Andras

Build with me—Innocent Okechukwu
Innocent Okechukwu: keyboard, Electropop and Slowstrings sounds

Bank Shot—Emily Arkin
Emily Arkin: Cabasa, Backmask
Mr. Deborah Nicholson: Sambago, Book Stand, Jam Block

Two hands and a dishwasher—Charlotte Koonce
Charlotte Koonce: Left hand Electro-Acoustic guitar (w/ gain and delay), Right hand Casio keyboard on vibraphone setting w/ pedal

Cleans—Fred Kreplin
Tape, Elektron Octatrack, N/S Stick, and Ableton Live
Microcassette, monochord, clarinet, electric guitar, and Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Marker

Wake—Hsiu-Ping Patrick Wu
Patrick Wu: violin

Toast to Tōru Takemitsu—Emily Arkin
Emily Arkin: Flex-a-Tone, Mini Gong, Flange, Pitchbend, Backmask
Mr. Deborah Nicholson: Sambago, Tambourine, Egg Shaker

Children’s Museum—Emily Arkin
Emily Arkin: Duo Flex-a-Tone, Mini Gong
Mr. Deborah Nicholson: Sambago, Jam Block, Book Stand

freestyle—Niraj MR
Niraj MR: piano

II.—Emily Roberts
Emily Roberts: Synthesized sounds created with Cecilia5