From our President, to our Dean, to every one of our Board of Governors, our leadership is dedicated to creating a stimulating, nurturing, and inclusive environment for our students.

A Message from Our President



Karen Zorn has been President of Longy School of Music of Bard College since 2007. With the merger of Longy and Bard College in 2012, she assumed the role of Vice President, Bard College. Since her arrival, Zorn has led Longy through a process of radical change unprecedented in its 100-year history. A fearless educational entrepreneur, she has balanced the budget, boosted enrollment, executed a merger with Bard College and established partnerships with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and FundaMusical of Venezuela (El Sistema) to launch innovative programs of study and community engagement. These include the Take a Stand program and Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Music education program, based in Los Angeles, as well as teaching by Longy Conservatory students in public schools, community centers, prisons, nursing homes, and other external venues where the traditions of music education can contribute to public life.

A Wisconsin native and Boston resident, Zorn is herself a classically trained musician, having been educated as a pianist at Goshen College in Indiana and later receiving a master’s degree in piano performance at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Prior to her tenure at Longy, Zorn served as Associate Provost at Berklee College of Music and held the roles of Acting Director and Director of Instruction at MacPhail Center for the Arts in Minneapolis. She has taught as a member of the faculties of Berklee, MacPhail, and the University of Missouri, Kansas City.


Chair of the Board of Governors

Garth Greimann is a Senior Advisor to Berkshire Partners. He joined Berkshire in 1989 and became a Managing Director in 1994, then in 2006 transitioned to the position of Chief Administrative Officer. Garth earned his BA from Dartmouth College. He plays French horn with Longy’s Sistema Side-by-Side Orchestra and in several community ensembles. He joined Longy’s Board in Fall 2014 and assumed role of Chair in 2018.


Garth Greimann, Chair
Matina Horner, Vice-Chair
Dwight Quayle, Secretary
Roland Augustine
Sandra Bakalar
+ Leon Botstein, President, Bard College
Gene D. Dahmen
Robert S. Epstein
Harriet E. Griesinger
Michael Guleserian
Rosanne Kumins
Bonny Lamb

Bronwyn Lamont
Ruth M. McKay
Virginia Meany
Kristin A. Mortimer
Jane Moulding
Janet Plotkin
Donald W. Schroeder
Robert B. Straus
Jeannette H. Taylor
+ Taun Toay, Chief Financial Officer, Bard College
+ Ann Welch, Chief Operating Officer, Longy School of Music of Bard College
+ Karen Zorn, President, Longy School of Music of Bard College; Vice President, Bard College
(+ ex-officio)