Live from Longy

2.24.17 Opera/Broadway @ Longy

Edward M. Pickman Concert Hall, 8:00 pm

Continuing their exploration of the American oeuvre, the Opera Department spring scenes will feature songs and arias from American opera, as well as from Broadway, and classic opera repertoire. 


2.25.17 LongyLab 5

Recital Room N1, 6:00 pm

New and experimental performances by Longy students and faculty, curated by theory faculty Dr. Peter J. Evans.

2.26.17 Longy Hosts: XLV: Selected Chamber Works by Melika M Fitzhugh

Edward M. Pickman Concert Hall, 3:00 pm

An afternoon of chamber music by Melika M. Fitzhugh ( featuring performances by: 

Emily O'Brien, Recorders
Sarah Cantor, Recorder
Christopher Grills, Harpsichord
Elijah Hopkin, Tenor
Members of The Boston Recorder Orchestra
Patricia Abreu, Piano
Erin Bacon, Violoncello
Lydia Bassett, Violin/Viola
Kevin M. Price, Clarinet
Anne Marie Cleary, Soprano
Ian Carroll, Saxophone
Younggyo Lee, Piano
Christien Beeuwkes, Baroque Violoncello & Merli Guerra, Dance
Scott Glanzman, Shofar & Catherine E. Reuben, Recorders
Most works will be world premieres!

2.27.17 Longy @ Regattabar

Regattabar at the Charles Hotel, 7:00 pm

No matter who wins the Oscar for best soundtrack, one thing is certain--we love the music of the silver screen. Join us for an intimate concert celebrating classic tunes from some of our favorite films performed by Longy alumni, students, and faculty.

2.27.17 FDR: Binding Cultures: Aristides Rivas, cello

Edward M. Pickman Concert Hall, 7:30 pm

His playing has been described by The Telegraph in London as having “touching tact and intelligence”. Hailing from Venezuela, Aristides Rivas will give his Faculty Debut Recital with a melting pot of composers from four different cultures.


2.28.17 FAR: Americana by Trio Solari [POSTPONED]

Edward M. Pickman Concert Hall, 8:00 pm

***This concert has been postponed due to some unforeseen circumstances. Please stay tuned for a new date.***

Trio Solari is a dynamic chamber ensemble dedicated to promoting both standard and new compositions written for clarinet, violin, and piano. Formed in 2005, the group has toured widely in the United States and abroad, appearing at prominent venues such as the OKMozart International Music Festival, Thy Chamber Music Festival (Denmark), University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, Rice University, Northwestern University, among many others. Violinist Sean Wang is a faculty member at the Longy School of Music, while clarinetist Chad Burrow and pianist Amy Cheng both teach at the University of Michigan. The trio has recently released an album of music by Darius Milhaud, Aram Khachaturian, Edward Knight, and Bela Bartok (Centaur Records). 


3.4.17 Radius Ensemble: Clarity

Edward M. Pickman Concert Hall, 8:00 pm

BUNCH – Shout Chorus
GLASS – Façades – arranged for oboes by Jennifer Montbach
RAKOWSKI – Three Preludes
BRAHMS – Sextet No. 1 in B-flat major, Op. 18

Brahms composed his youthful and luminous Sextet No. 1 in B-flat – essentially a double string trio – during his mid-twenties, a period now known as his “first maturity.” Also on the program, music from Kenji Bunch, who solves the problem of the strikingly different timbres among wind instruments by embracing the competing textures in his work Shout Chorus, which takes its name from the climactic passage in jazz orchestra works where all the instruments join together in full voice. Also, Philip Glass’ Façades from his iconic recording, Glassworks, here arranged with the composer’s blessing for oboes and strings.  Plus, three mischievous piano preludes by Boston composer David Rakowski.



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