Dalcroze Program Emeritus & Guest Faculty

Dr. Ruth Alperson, Diplôme Supérieur

Ruth Alperson is Dean of the Hoff-Barthelson Music School, in Scarsdale, New York, where she directs the Dalcroze Teacher Training Program. She is on the faculty of The Diller-Quaile School of Music, in New York City, where she teaches a graduate course in Dalcroze Methodology.

Dr. Alperson has a B.A. in music from Oberlin College; she earned a Ph.D. in Arts and Humanities from New York University. Dr. Alperson holds the Licentiate from The Dalcroze Teachers Training Course, London, England, and the Diplôme Supérieur from L’Institut Jaques-Dalcroze, Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Alperson is a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference of Dalcroze Studies. Dr. Alperson has given Dalcroze workshops in the U.S.and Canada, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, England, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Greece. She is a pianist, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Bennington Chamber Music Conference.

Alissa Cardone, Movement Specialist

Alissa Cardone is an award-winning nationally recognized choreographer, performer, teacher and curator who specializes in collaborations bridging dance, film, music, technology, and fine art.

Her intermedia performance collaborative, Kinodance, was named one of Dance Magazine’s “25 to watch” (2008) and toured nationally and internationally in Russia and Armenia. Her 20 years of experience as a movement artist, somatics practitioner, and anatomist, greatly informs her role as a dance educator. She is Associate Professor of Dance at Boston Conservatory at Berklee where she teaches Modern Technique, Embodied Anatomy and Dance on Film & Video.