Collaborative Piano

Collaborative Piano

Longy’s Collaborative Piano program prepares advanced pianists for careers in chamber music, vocal coaching, and accompanying. Close collaboration among faculty and frequent performances ensure that student expands their musicianship as conversant, flexible, and sensitive collaborators.


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“The members of the piano faculty at Longy have notably active careers as touring soloists, chamber musicians, and recording artists.  Among us you will also find concert producers, ensemble directors, and foundation leaders.  Most importantly, the pianists at Longy have a mission to engage with young artists with diverse backgrounds.  We endeavor to create individual artists with unique profiles that interact collaboratively with their colleagues and ever-evolving audiences.”

Donald BermanDepartment Chair of Collaborative Piano and Piano

Program Highlights:

Studio Lessons: Collaboration with a faculty mentor is the cornerstone of conservatory education at Longy. Together you will explore your unique artistic and professional goals while expanding technical and musical insight. Studio lessons primarily address collaborative works, while continuing to develop fundamental pianistic skills through solo literature.

Master Classes and Seminars: Through workshops, master classes, discussions, and presentations, weekly seminars offer insight regarding interpretation, repertoire, and performance practice. Recent guests have included pianists Irma Vallecillo, Martin Katz, and Karl Paulnack, violist Lila Brown, and members of the Pacifica Quartet.  Through a special partnership with Celebrity Series of Boston, emerging artists in its Debut Series present exclusive workshops and master classes with Longy students throughout the year.

Collaboration: As the name of the program suggests, collaborative majors work closely with other musicians and are extremely involved in the musical life of the school. Repertoire courses allow students to work with numerous instrumentalists, singers, and faculty coaches, and studio accompanying opportunities provide additional experience with art song, operatic, and instrumental repertoire.

Chamber Music: Georges Longy’s belief in the power of collaboration inspires the central role of chamber music in our conservatory. You will work closely with faculty coaches every semester and will explore ensemble playing through coursework, informal readings, and community outreach.

Learning to Coach: Courses cover various aspects of instrumental and vocal coaching in practical settings and explore teaching as a form of heightened, enlivened communication. Rather than focusing solely on acquiring pedagogical skills, we seek to draw out your latent expertise and help you communicate authentically. Longy also offers extensive coursework in art song and opera repertoire, chamber music literature, and diction to order to provide pianists with the skills necessary to work with singers and instrumentalists.

Teaching Artist Program: Required of all students, this two-semester program includes active learning experiences, discussions, foundational readings, and interactive presentations. It culminates in student-designed and student-led musical projects in various community venues throughout the Greater Boston area.