Certified Music Practitioner®
Program @ Longy
Music for Healing and
Transition Program, Inc.™ (MHTP)

Are you a musician with a compassionate heart ready to learn how to use your gifts as a form of palliative and therapeutic comfort care? This summer, Longy is delighted to collaborate with the Music for Healing and Transition Program™, Inc. to offer an intensive, scientifically-based summer program. Musicians can become Certified Music Practitioners (CMPs)® while gaining valuable experience with the program’s teachers and medical professionals.

Longy’s summer program offers a stimulating and inclusive format, enabling students to expedite their training by completing the educational modules within a period of six months. The five required modules are planned to be held live on site. Participants in this program may be vocalists or instrumentalists. Both skilled amateur and professional musicians are welcome.

What is MHTP?

The Music for Healing and Transition Program trains and certifies musicians in the art and science of providing therapeutic music. Certified Music Practitioners create a healing environment by offering live acoustic music, one-on-one. The music is provided as a service, not as entertainment, and is curated to address each patient’s in-the-moment condition with the aim of providing comfort and promoting healing. MHTP is accredited by the National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians.

MHTP’s program consists of:

  • 80 classroom hours, divided into five lively and inspiring modules
  • An Independent Practicum
  • The reading and review of one book for each module (books chosen from an extensive, pertinent reading list)
  • Development of 90 minutes of appropriate repertoire for various patient conditions
  • A 30-minute recording of music demonstrating your proficiency in providing therapeutic sessions
Modules 2022

The five modules are presented as follows:

Module 1: June 5-7 Patient Assessment for Live Therapeutic Music, Injury Prevention for CMPs

Module 2: June 7-9 Music as a Language

Module 3: July 31-August 2 Music, Sound, & Healing and Paradigms of Healing

Module 4: August 2-4 Etiquette and Internship, Profession of Music Practitioner

Module 5: November 4-6 Alterations in Health, Care of the Dying, First Clinical Practicum

How to Apply

Applicants must first apply to MHTP and, once they are notified of their acceptance, they can register through MHTP to attend the summer institute at Longy.

Discover the transformative power of music in the healing process. Start your journey towards becoming a CMP this summer at Longy!

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