Teaching Artist Program

The Teaching Artist Program (TAP) is a vital component of Longy’s Conservatory curriculum and is at the core of Longy’s ideal of social change through music. By giving students both the understanding and skills necessary to create engaging musical experiences for a wide variety of audiences and participants, the TAP is concrete preparation for reaching out to people and communities of diverse understandings and experiences.

Required of all students, this program includes active learning experiences, discussions, foundational readings, and interactive presentations. Students explore and strengthen the skills required to engage and communicate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. They are challenged to think more deeply and broadly about music, its role in society, their career options, and how artists can create social change. Upon graduation, all Longy students will receive a certificate confirming their Teaching Artist training.

  • “Teaching artistry is growing fast, in the US and globally. The skills of teaching artistry are widely seen as essential in the toolkit of the 21st-century musician. Longy has planted a proud flag as the world's most committed conservatory to the skills and artistic power of teaching artistry.”
    Eric Booth, author of "The Music Teaching Artist's Bible: Becoming a Virtuoso Educator"
  • "TAP was the missing link that helped me make sense of my musical identity. All my life, as I've worked on my performance skills, it was always with the intention of sharing music with others. But what could I do to help an audience receive the music I was sharing? In the first semester of TAP, I discovered that thoughtful and creative people had already spent decades answering this question. I was so excited by how creative, effective, and intelligent their approach was—inviting audiences to make their own personal connections and discoveries."
    Weronika Balewski, MM '14
  • "When first introduced to the constructs and concepts of teaching artistry, I was decidedly skeptical. It didn't take me long to come to appreciate and understand its value. After applying what I learned on the small scale in my private and classroom teaching, I was overjoyed to discover how I could create an environment where deeper learning and meaningful education trumped a bland deluge of information. Teaching artistry has directed me in new ways to excite and guide my students."
    Jared Hettrick, MM '14