Longy Side-by-Side Program, 2022/23 Season Information

Side-by-Side Program Times

String Orchestra: 9a – 12p

Boost Composition for String Orchestra: 12p – 1p

Symphony Orchestra: 10a – 1p

Boost Composition for Symphony Orchestra: 9a – 10a

Side-by-Side Program Schedules

21 – Rehearsal 1
28 – Rehearsal 2
4 – Rehearsal 3
11 – Rehearsal 4
4 – Rehearsal 1
11 – Rehearsal 2
18 – Rehearsal 3
25 – Rehearsal 4
1 – Concert 2, First Church: 6:30PM Concert, 4:00 Call

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Side-by-Side Ensembles

String Orchestra is open to students in all grades who read string orchestra music with basic proficiency (grade 1 music level). Students in this group have usually played for at least two years. Only students who play violin, viola, cello, bass may enroll in this group.

Symphony Orchestra is the Longy Side-By-Side program’s premiere ensemble. This group performs full orchestral pieces (grade 4 music level and up). Students in this group have usually played at least 4 years. Entrance into this ensemble is by invitation of the music directors and may require a placement audition.

Boost Composition Program is the newest innovative offering through the Side-by-Side program. Students enrolled in the String Orchestra or Symphony Orchestra may choose to enroll in Boost Composition to receive additional instruction in music theory, and composition. Students in Boost Composition will work with Longy students and each other to realize their own and group  compositions. The Boost Composition Program is also open to pianists from partnership sites who would like participate in high-level chamber ensembles.

New Enrolling Musicians

All new musicians will be required to submit a placement video with their online registration. Please consult with your site director if you need assistance. The video should be uploaded to google drive, dropbox, a private YouTube channel, or other method that enables the student to share their video via private URL, or uploaded directly. The total length should not exceed 5 minutes. Please upload a single video including the following:

  • The student should state their name and announce each selection before playing
  • A scale representative of the student’s skill (multiple octaves preferred)
  • A solo piece or excerpt that is representative of the student’s current skill. (an exercise, section of an ensemble piece, or other solo are all acceptable)
Campus Safety and COVID-19

Vaccination Requirement
For the health and safety of the Longy community, all eligible faculty, staff, and students are required to show proof of vaccination to complete their Side-by-Side registration.

Masking Policy
The current Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus can be spread by fully vaccinated people. The CDC advises fully vaccinated people wear a mask indoors if they live or work in an area of substantial or high transmission. Longy will require masks on campus as long the community rate of transmission is substantial or high. If community transmission rates are moderate or low, wearing masks indoors will be optional for fully vaccinated people. The CDC updates the transmission rate regularly. For your convenience, Longy will post the current rate of transmission and masking requirements at every entrance on Monday morning and send an email to the community.

CDC information on community transmission rates
Additional information on Longy’s COVID-19 response
If you qualify for a medical or religious exemption, in accordance with Massachusetts guidelines, contact Ryan Welsh (rwelsh@longy.edu).