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Longy’s Divergent Studio Final Marathon Concert Celebrates 13 Days of Musical Discovery and Friendship

By July 10, 2024blog, News

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

13 days of studying, performing, composing, and community-building at Longy’s Divergent Studio ended on a high note!  

The annual immersive new music experience, focused on interdisciplinary tools, holistic creative practices, and daily rehearsals and world premieres, has become a destination for student composers and performers of contemporary music from around the globe.

Featuring collaborations with New York City-based new music chamber group loadbang, guest composers Chen Yi and Marti Epstein, and Longy’s cutting-edge contemporary music faculty, students formed a tight-knit community centered around conversations about new directions in musical practice.

The thirteen days of Divergent Studio consisted of many performances by faculty and student performers, often side-by-side. This year, students’ hard work and collaboration culminated in a final marathon concert, in which Divergent Studio performers presented brand-new pieces written by the festival’s composers. 

It was a fitting celebration of the discoveries, friends, and music made together in just under two weeks!