Life @ Longy

A Supportive Environment

Longy is a place where “collaborative” and “ensemble” not only describe our performances, but the way we live and learn together. As you engage audiences and grow as a musician, your mentors and classmates will share your every success.

Our Career Coaching Program will help you craft a meaningful and productive life in music. Using one on one coaching, small group sessions, and panel discussions, this program will help you clarify your goals, preferences and values in order to create a graduate school experience that prepares you to be a musician who makes a difference in the world.

A Day in the Life of a Longy Student

Performance Opportunities On Campus & Off

You’ll come to Longy as a student, and while you’re here you’ll do the work you need to graduate as a professional. Our students perform frequently in a number of settings: solo recitals, chamber music performances, orchestra concerts, jazz & contemporary music events, operas, master classes, repertoire classes, and student concert series.


Student Resources

The school offers a variety of opportunities, organizations, and resources to help students thrive and grow in this environment. Find useful information for student life in Boston/Cambridge. While Longy is a non-residential campus, our students are very involved in campus life and the Student Services Office is always available to help!