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Talent Acquisition & Development Specialist – SpeechLess Music

Start: 05/23/2022

SpeechLess Music is a boutique entertainment company based out of Boston. We represent and manage 5 different ensembles (Pop Strings, Classical Strings, Jazz, Party Band, and DJ), working with performers all over the country, project managing 100+ performances per year.

SpeechLess is seeking a candidate that is disciplined, responsible, musical, and organized. The Talent Acquisition & Development Specialist will be responsible for the performer supply chain, bringing in new talent, onboarding them, and ensuring there is always an oversupply of performers in the system. The Talent Specialist functions as a performer HR representative, building relationships and constantly networking within musical communities in person around Boston as well as remotely across the country.

Additionally, the Talent Specialist is responsible for administering the sheet music inventory, providing feedback to performers via post event evaluations, and maintaining a robust, up-to-date roster of performers.

Responsibilities & Duties

Recruit & audition musical talent
– Find talent & database contact info
– Assess musicality, professionalism and culture fit

Schedule & conduct rehearsals and professional development trainings
– Musical rehearsals
– Band leader, MC, & sound trainings

Roster development & maintenance
– Anticipate and proactively address roster needs before talent deficiencies or logistical problems arise
– Monitor ratio of supply & demand (gigs booked vs depth of roster) and recruit accordingly
– Execute scheduled recurring maintenance on performer rosters
– Develop the most responsible/professional musicians into band leaders

Post-event evaluations
– Assimilate customer and band leader reports
– Update performer roster records to indicate any noteworthy improvements or infractions to inform future staffing
– Provide direct feedback on areas in need of improvement to performers

Administration of sheet music
– Maintain organized inventory of digital sheet music (google drive)
– Assign & oversee arranging projects when clients request a song outside of inventory
– Proofread custom arrangements, add to inventory, and send to the musicians on the gig

Additional Duties
– Assist Staffing Coordinator with performance prep & execution (musician communication, logistics, and musical equipment)
– Assist A/V team with coordinating and executing recording sessions (studio in Brighton, MA)
– Alternate weekends “on-call” to handle a potential gig emergency
– Periodically attend & inspect live performances (New England + possibility of business travel nationwide)
– Facilitate a community of caring and a culture of collaboration amongst performers and SpeechLess

Qualifications & Skills
Ability to accurately assess musical talent and professionalism
Personality to inspire trust, respect, loyalty, and collaboration amongst performers
Excellent computer skills (Google Workspace)

Additional Requirements
Live in (or near) Boston, MA
Own a car
Flexible schedule, including weekends

1099 Contractor
Part or Full-Time (preferred) opportunity (minimum 20 hours per week)
Compensation commensurate with experience and productivity ($19-27 per hr)

Submit resume, cover letter, and any additional relevant details.

SpeechLess Music
Brighton, MA 02135 United States

Posted 05/11/2022