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Soprano Section Leader – Burlington, MA

By February 3, 2022March 10th, 2022Hire a Musician submissions

Soprano Section Leader (part-time)
Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church
10 St. Mark’s Road, Burlington, MA

The purpose of the Soprano Section Leader is to sing quality music at our weekly live-streamed/in-person service. Once choral singing by the choirs is restarted, the staff singer will serve as a leader in the Adult Choir, bringing vocal and musical leadership in singing hymns and anthems that enhance the worship experience of the congregation. (At the moment we are singing masked.)

1. Sing at weekly 9:30am Sunday live-streamed/in-person liturgy and attend rehearsal prior to the service beginning at 8:45am.
2. Once the choir resumes, serve as section leader in the St. Mark’s Adult Choir.
3. Once the choir resumes, attend and sing in weekly rehearsal (Thursday 7-8:15pm).
4. Have fully prepared ahead of rehearsal the anthems, hymns and any solos for upcoming Sundays as distributed by the Organist and Choir Director.
5. In addition to weekly services, the section leader must also sing in one Christmas Eve service, one Ash Wednesday service, one Maundy Thursday service and one Good Friday service, and any other events in which the Adult Choir participates.

Relationship and Accountability
1. The Section Leader is accountable to the Organist and Choir Director and shall work under his/her supervision.
2. The Section Leader shall keep in close communication with the Choir Director, especially in regard to rehearsal and Sunday attendance.
3. By mutual agreement, the Section Leader may be asked to sing solos as worship and musical demands arise. S/he will not be compensated additionally for these occasions.
4. The Section Leader may be asked to serve as Cantor for weddings and funerals. Additional compensation will be provided for these services.

1. The Section Singer shall, at minimum, hold a Bachelor Degree in Music. Possessing a demonstrated equivalence in singing skills and musicianship will be considered.
2. The Section Leader shall be a person able to work reliably and collegially with the existing members of the choir and shall possess ability, willingness and interest to work with the members of the Adult Choir to whom singing in this choir is an important
expression of their Christian faith. A primary duty is to give volunteer singers a strong sense of musical security, to be the first to know the music well.
3. The Section Leader should demonstrate excellent musicianship skills including sight-reading, ensemble awareness and experience with a range of repertoire.
4. The Section Leader should exhibit general professional courtesies including modeling behavior, regular attendance, and punctuality at rehearsals and worship services.

Search Process
After a review of resumes, section leader candidates will be invited to sing for a Sunday morning service, following a Zoom interview and a check of references.

The Choir Director will conduct performance reviews annually in June with input from the appropriate choir members. Musical initiative and the singer’s vocal leadership will be important evaluation factors, as will general attitude and spirit of helpfulness,
including punctuality and attendance.

Employment as a Section Leader is at-will, and decisions on continuation of service will consider both performance reviews and availability of funding.

Additional Considerations
Compensation will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Absences are permitted when the Section Leader secures a substitute and approved by the Choir Director. The Section Leader will not be paid for services missed and will be responsible for paying the substitute directly.

Unexcused or excessive absences at rehearsals or performances will be noted in the singer’s evaluation and may be cause for termination. Absences for illness or emergency will be excused, but prompt communication is required.

To apply please send a current resume, a link to audio samples if available, and a cover letter to Susan Dearborn, Organist and Choir Director (