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Percussionist for original music project

I am a seasoned composer, pianist, and singer, and I’m arranging a set of my original songs for a live event in spring 2022. I expect the ultimate configuration to be piano, upright bass, guitar, percussion, vocals, and a melody instrument tbd.

At this time I am seeking a versatile and creative percussionist for a few paid sessions to help me develop a distinct rhythmic approach and help shape the grooves. The songs are in a variety and blend of styles: rock, pop, american songbook, gospel, jazz, latin.

I don’t have specific instruments in mind, but will need to cover a dynamic range as there will be no drum kit. would be great to try out a variety of instruments and colors.

I am ready to start this work in early November, probably evenings or weekends.

Mark Houghtaling
(917) 562-9314
Accord, NY 12404 United States

Posted 10/21/2021