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Composer Seeking SATB Choir

By June 14, 2022June 16th, 2022Hire a Musician submissions

Hi, I am looking for a choir to sing in a recording of my work entitled “An American Requiem”. This is a modern classical music work sung mostly in English that uses the form of the mass to look at the the scene today from a social justice perspective.

Prior to the recording I will record the orchestra and send the choir an audio file so they can practice to it. The audio file of the orchestra will be what the chorus sings to in the recording.

The choir recording would be done at your location. I am in New Hampshire. I would be present via Zoom and a product called Listento that the recording engineer can place in the recording daw software. I would pay for the recording engineer or, if feasible, I will record remotely over the Internet.

The work runs an hour and has solo parts.

If you are part of an SATB choir please let me know the Choir’s name and contact info.

I can provide more info if you tell me that your choir could possibly do it. I would need a ballpark estimate of the cost and then would provide a pdf of the music for a final estimate.

I am an award-winning composer whose music has been heard by hundreds of thousands of people.

I am open as to the date of the recording. Should be Summer/Fall of this year.


Roger Rudenstein
(978) 201-1459

Posted 06/14/2022