The Multifaceted Musician
Career Coaching@Longy

In a radically changing world, your music matters now more than ever. Career possibilities reach well beyond the proscenium stage, and there is no single path to musical success. Your greatest contributions will come when you are the most aligned and integrated version of yourself.

Announcing Career Coaching@Longy—now open to musicians at all career stages.
  • Are you looking to (re)discover the “why” behind your music?
  • Are you thinking about ways to align your values and passions with your musical pursuits?
  • Are you looking to explore new pathways in your life and career?
  • Do you need help envisioning and navigating what comes next?

Coaching is a transformational process of self-discovery.
It is built on the belief that you are capable and whole and that the answers you seek are found within youA skilled coach is an expert in asking powerful questions that help you identify values, raise awareness, identify roadblocks, shift lenses, explore options and organize priorities.  Coaching will help you get from where you are now to where you’d like to be.


All sessions are 60 minutes @ $125 and will take place on Zoom.

Special Offers:

  • Book three sessions for $300—contact Ashley Hall to arrange.
  • Curious about coaching but not quite ready to book a session? Consider trying a free 30-minute discovery call with Ashley Hall.

“I’m passionate about helping artists become the most integrated and whole version of themselves.  I will meet you with empathy and compassion, fun and curiosity, and a deeply grounded belief that you are capable and whole.”


Ashley Hall, Coaching Program Manager  brings many years of experience as a professional trumpeter, music educator, lecturer, motivational speaker, and life coach. Her passion is helping artists unlock their potential, discover their values, and find and embrace their authentic career path.

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Ashley has over 250 hours of professional coaching experience and is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).  She has completed 3 Coaching Training Courses through Graydin and is certified to facilitate and train new coaches through The Anatomy Coaching Foundations Course at the Longy School of Music.  Ashley also completed the Co-Active Fundamentals course, the introductory coaching course for the Co-Active Coach Training Institute and is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the ICF.

Ashley’s coaching is phenomenal and her spirit is joyful and contagious. She creates a space for her clients that is welcoming and truly inspirational. The session helped me immensely. I can’t recommend her enough!
—Carrie Schafer, Founder of Whole Heart Wisdom and Professional Musician

Career coaching has helped not only show an artistic path, but also reinforce my motivation and passion. I believe career coaching will help finally bring out the artist I’ve always known I was but struggled to bring out.
—Lorenzo M.

Hana BeloglavecI found Ashley Hall’s coaching sessions to be both inspirational and motivational! She helped me see my purpose and a way forward after I made a change in my performance career that left me feeling directionless and vulnerable. She was very organized and took notes that she forwarded me after our meetings, which have been great to look back on when I want to get thinking about the future again. Ashley Hall’s compassion and genuine joy that she finds through helping people find their purpose makes her a terrific coach!
—Hana Beloglavec, DMA, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University School of Music