Life @ Longy: Nicholas Brewer, Piano

Nicholas Brewer Performing.crop.jpgName: Nicholas Brewer
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Degree Program: Master of Music
Area of Study: Piano Performance
Class of 2017

Ideal career: 
As of now, I don’t have anything specific that comes to mind. I just know that whatever I do, I’d like to be collaborating with other musicians and artist on visual, musical, and artistic aspect of production. 

Why did you choose to attend Longy?
The people! The big difference from any other place that I had taken a look at was that Longy was immediately noticeable as having a more positive environment. It didn’t seem competitive, in a cut throat type of “I need to be better than all of my peers,” kind of way. That way seems completely unnecessary and prevents one from developing meaningful musical relationships with people. It stifles collaboration—and Longy isn’t like that at all.

Now that you’re here, what do you think makes Longy special?
I’d say Longy is special because of the opportunities to collaborate and receive genuine feedback from my peers and faculty members. Longy, is a positive environment, which allows me to work on and develop my artistry.

How would you describe a typical school day?
I normally start my day with getting work done around 8 or 9 am, whether that be homework or practicing. Then I have a class or rehearsal before lunch. After lunch more classes or rehearsals, and then I practice until about 6pm. If by that time I’ve hit 4 hours of rehearsal, I call it a quits and head home to either go for a run or jump on more homework. 

What is your favorite aspect of the Longy curriculum, and why?
My favorite aspect of the curriculum is the Teaching Artist Program! I like that this school allows you to focus on more than just developing your musical craft. I find that a lot of conservatories have students graduating who don’t know how to promote themselves as artists. I’m more of a practical person, so I’m glad that Longy provides this training. 

Biggest unexpected challenge in your coursework?
I’m not sure if I’ve ran into any yet. Certainly before coming to Longy I had a lot of worries about attending a conservatory for the first time, but it’s a relief to know that I’m not dying in loads of homework. It’s a lot of work being here, but it’s manageable.

I guess the biggest challenge is just to make sure that amongst all of the work and all of the practicing, to take of yourself. Remember to do the things that will make your mind and body healthy, so that you can keep practicing like crazy. 

What advice you would give to incoming/prospective students?
For prospective students, absolutely make sure you get in touch with a Longy representative, whether that having someone in admissions partner you with a student to talk to with over email, or visiting with students and faculty on audition days. It is such a great resource throughout the application process, and helping with the decision-making of choosing the right school. For incoming students, don’t worry about forgetting everyone’s name during orientation!

Favorite nonmusical activity:
I think it’s a tie between hiking and painting.


Listen to Nicholas performing Debussy on Soundcloud here.