Life @ Longy: Rebecca Phillips, Jazz and Contemporary Music, Violin

Name: Rebecca Phillips
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Instrument: Violin
Degree Program: Jazz and Contemporary Music 
Class of 2017

Describe your ideal career: I would love to have a career that allows me to be both a teacher and a performer. Collabarative music is my passion, and I would be thrilled to perform in both the Classical and Jazz fields. 

Why did you choose to attend Longy?
I chose to do my graduate work at Longy so that I could study with Laura Bossert and Peter Cassino. They are incredible teachers who continue to inspire and support me every day. 

What do you think makes Longy special?
One of the things that makes Longy special is its small size. At Longy, it is possible to get individualized atttention from the faculty that would be hard to come by at a larger school. Also, Longy has the most dedicated faculty members that I have ever seen. 

How would you describe a typical school day?
Since I am in the Jazz and Contemporary Music department, I'll talk about a typical Friday. We have our department seminar on Fridays. This class gives us the chance to meet as a department and play music together while being coached by Peter Cassino and visiting clinicians. After seminar, we have Lit and Materials, a required course that gives a great overview of the history and aesthetic of modern American music. After this, I typically have a couple more rehearsals and coachings with various ensembles. 

Favorite aspect of the Longy curriculum?
Longy offers courses which help develop well-rounded musicians. Many of these classes are unique to Longy and go above and beyond the norm. 

Biggest unexpected challenge?
Finding enough time to practice. Since the Longy's courses are quite rigorous, they require a lot of study time. It takes some planning to be able to strike a good balance that allows you to do well in class without sacrificing precious practice hours. 

Is there any advice you would give to incoming/prospective students?
Since Longy is a very unique and special place, come visit the school before applying. Sit in on classes and take lessons from as many faculty members as you can. Making these connections early will help you get the most out of your Longy experience, as well as set you up with life-long connections.