Life @ Longy: William Farrell, Early Music

WilliamFarrell.pngName: William Farrell
Hometown: Northwood, NH
Area of Study: Historical Performance, Voice
Degree Program: Master of Music
Class of 2017 

Describe your ideal career: As of now, my ideal career is to dive in and develop connections within to the Boston music community, so that I can have the opportunities to have gigs singing professionally around the city.

Why did you choose to attend Longy?
I chose to attend Longy for the great faculty and the opportunity to develop connections with students and faculty, and also to begin a professional career, here in Boston. 

Now that you’re here, what do you think makes Longy special?
The faculty has reinforced and provided everything I’ve needed and wanted with in the school. 

How would you describe a typical day:
Between various performance, history, and theory courses, I cover my basic requirements throughout the course of the week. It’s a nice a balance between learning about early music and actually having the opportunity to perform early music. 

Favorite aspect of the Longy curriculum?
Definitely my performance classes this semester. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to perform Handel and his contemporaries. I’m also pumped about singing English Consort Song. I am involved in a chamber group that is doing Franco Flemish’s “Polyphony.” So it’s just amazing to have performance courses that are really tailored towards the student’s interest.

Biggest unexpected challenge?
My history course, Notation and Primary Sources, has been really demanding. In order to cover as much history as possible each week, every student takes one topic, and is require to present to the class weekly. Compiling a 10 minute presentation may seem like a lot of work (and it is), but, it’s also been extremely gratifying. We get to learn about a lot of different topics.

Is there any advice you would give to incoming/prospective students?
Come to Longy and visit when classes are going on. Schedule a lesson with a professor you are interested in.