Peter Evans, Composition and Theory; Jazz and Contemporary Music - Composition, Literature and Materials

Peter J. Evans is a theorist/composer, composer/theorist, as well as a performer/lecturer, lecturer/performer. He received his BA from Skidmore College; and his MM and DMA in Theoretical Studies from New England Conservatory. He has studied with Robert Cogan, Pozzi Escot, Gerald Zaritzky, Joel Brown, Anthony Holland, Deborah Rohr, Charles Joseph, Raymond J. Lamothe and Raymond P. Damien. He was an invited speaker at the 25th annual session of the International Society of Hildegard von Bingen Studies and the 43rd International Congress on Medieval Studies. He has published papers on Edgard Varèse, Frank Zappa, the universal nature of Palindromes and Anthony Philip Heinrich. His compositions are cast along lines inspired by Burgundian, Burgundian-American and American traditions.

Email: peter.evans(at)