With its acclaimed conservatory students, talented faculty, and appreciative audiences, Longy School of Music of Bard College is a newsmaker in Greater Boston and on the world stage. Below are select recent features and news stories, demonstrating the expansive activity of Longy’s musical community.


Audition season is right around the corner! Never fear, Longy is here to offer you some tips to make your experience as painless as possible.


— David Patterson

Cambridge -- As part of the Bernstein Centennial, Longy School of Music wondered about what we might want to know about the towering American figure. On hand was Jamie Bernstein to provide some insider talk. Other informants, if you will, were mezzo-soprano Sandra Piques Eddy, baritone David Kravitz, and a trio of Longy pianists Wayman Chin, Brian Moll, and Spencer Myer. Read the piece here.

— Jeremy Eichler

CAMBRIDGE — One of the pleasures of the big round-numbered anniversary tributes around which the classical world’s calendars tend to revolve is the way concentrated programming can point up worthy works by a composer typically relegated to the margins. Thursday’s performance at Longy School of Music of Bard College — the first of two nights honoring the Leonard Bernstein centennial — was a case in point. One couple seated near me kept up a running “whispered” dialogue between each piece, the gist of which was how delightfully fresh the entire program seemed to be. I couldn’t agree more. Read the piece here.

In this blog post, Elizabeth Cai (M.M. '18, violin) explores what it means to be a musician and reflects on how her time at Longy has helped her forge a new path for herself.

Researchers from Longy and arts research firm WolfBrown have just completed three years of the first-ever U.S. multi-site, multi-program study on the effects of El Sistema programs on the participants.

Where will you be this September? Do you cringe every time someone asks you that question because you think enrollment periods are over? Well, relax, because at Longy we still have openings for the right candidates who are ready to make a difference in the world with their music. Still unsure? Here are five reasons you’ll want to be here.

— Malcolm Gay

On April 19, The Boston Globe highlighted the young musicians from Longy’s Side by Side program and Boston String Academy who have been selected to participate in the National Take a Stand Festival in LA. Read the piece here.

Longy’s Sistema Side by Side program was featured in an episode of WGBH’s Open Studio with Jared Bowen. President Karen Zorn & Masters of Music student Elizabeth Cai sat down with Jared and discussed our innovative Sistema Side by Side program. 

Whenever we ask current and former students about their experiences at Longy, one word always comes up— love. Since today is Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to love, we’d thought it would be a great time to share what our students love about Longy.

We’ve all heard it before—eat right and get enough Z’s and you’ll be well on your way to living your best life—well who are we to argue with that? Certainly, they both apply when it comes to making the most out of your music school audition. It’s true! Here are a few more tips from us, (folks who see more than a few auditions each year) on how you can get a leg up and stand out on audition day.