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Spencer Myer

My complete love for music has allowed me to constantly retain an open mind and embrace the all-encompassing life of a musician.

Communication gives me the greatest joy in performances! There is always a connection with the audience, and I particularly enjoy the wonderful challenge of channeling my own musical voice through the composer’s thoughts and intentions, stylistic parameters, and directions in the score.

Playing with other musicians, those connections multiply: with the audience, but also with one’s musical partners. To “speak” and respond to each other through music is one of the most exciting sensations I can imagine. My collaborators have included cellist Lynn Harrell, clarinetist David Shifrin, soprano Nicole Cabell, and the Jupiter and Pacifica String Quartets.

My first inspiration in music was my Dad, who was a classical guitarist before he became an engineer. He had a lot of classical records, played his guitar in the house regularly, and would help me pick out melodies on the piano. One of the records he played regularly was Van Cliburn’s platinum Tchaikovsky Concerto recording, made immediately after he won the 1958 Tchaikovsky Competition. I related to so much about him: his American roots, his genuine and giving spirit, and his total love for music and piano.

I went on to have three influential teachers with very different backgrounds: At Oberlin I studied with Joseph Schwartz (a student of Rosina Lhévinne) and Peter Takács (a student of Leon Fleisher), and at Juilliard I studied with Julian Martin (also a student of Fleisher, but with a very different pedagogical approach than Takács).

Life as a pianist has meant being a soloist, businessman, chamber musician, publicist, accompanist, manager, teacher, and coach, among many other roles. So as an educator, I stress the study of a breadth of repertoire of all style periods, social media savvy, assembling demos and press materials, understanding vocal and instrumental collaboration, and staying aware of musical goings-on outside of your immediate environment.

Aside from becoming the best pianist and musician you can be, it is so important to build a community of colleagues/friends/collaborators during your time at music school. Longy not only provides this wonderful community, but also all the tools to help you find your own voice and path as a pianist.

More information about Spencer Myer can be found at spencermyer.com.

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