Longy Student Association (LSA)

The Longy Student Association is a group of elected representatives from the student body who advance student ideas and concerns, host events and activities, and bring the student community closer together. All students are encouraged to provide feedback to the LSA.

Members are nominated and elected annually by the Longy conservatory student body.
The LSA By-Laws are available from the Student Services Office.

See the sidebar for this year's LSA Facebook page! Students can stay up to date on LSA and Longy events and participate in an open-ended discussion of life at Longy.


2016 - 2017 Longy Student Association Executive Committee:

President: Nick Brewer
Vice President: Tony Wang
Officers: Zac Cover, Abby Gower, Senyuan Wang

Department Officers: Jun Feng (Modern American Music), Laura McHugh (Opera), Angelica Grau (Voice), Amanda Roth (Strings), Claire James (Woodwinds/Brass), Sophia Ryoo (Collaborative Piano), Paulius Pancekauskas (Piano), Max Kliegle (Composition), Anastasia Black (Early Music). 

Contact: lsa(at)longy.edu


Upcoming Events

  • Every Monday from 12:00-1:00PM: LSA is tabling in the Zabriskie Lobby to keep you up-to-date on the events of the week.  Snacks will be provided!
  • Tuesday, October 18th in Wolfinsohn: Join us at our monthly Salon Series. Get your performance credit and share your music with us! Yummy goodies provided.
  • Saturday, October 22nd: Bring your best costume and join us for our annual Halloween Party! 
  • Friday, November 4th in Pickman Hall: Performance Hour highlights the great talent at Longy. Sign-up to perform in the bistro and get to use our wonderful concert hall.


Upcoming Events

Salon Series

These monthly recitals are an opportunity to perform the pieces you're working on for an audience!  Previously called "Breakfast Recitals," these individually themed series will occur at a different time each month with the hopes that you can attend at least one during the semester.  It's a low-stress, fun and supportive environment, complete with nibbles and sips (food and drink). Performing will complete one of your two required Semester Performance Credits.  Look for opportunities to sign up on the LSA board, or with us at the weekly LSA table.


Halloween Party, Saturday, October 22nd

The Friday evening of Halloween weekend, LSA will be hosting a Halloween Party! Costumes are highly encouraged, as there will be a costume contest with prizes, as well as great music to accompany dancing, noshing (eating) and drinking (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided).  Join us for the festivities!


Performance Hour

Once a semester you will have the opportunity sign up to perform in Pickman Hall.  This is a rare and incredible opportunity, as Pickman Hall is so tightly booked, so do take advantage of this!  The sky is the limit--perform a new composition, play your chamber piece, perform with your accompanist/singer, try out the stage for that new aria you're working on, put together a jazz trio, or a polyphonic motet.  Look for opportunities to sign up on the LSA board, or with us at the weekly LSA table.


Decibel Series

Once a semester LSA will host a gig off-campus, at a venue somewhere in the community.  Again, this is a great opportunity to polish up new or old repertoire and take it into the community!  To sign up, you will submit a form, and from the candidates, LSA will choose the program to be performed.  Bear in mind that it could be one act, or it could be several.  Keep an eye out for more information!


Spring Gala, Date TBD. 

Each Spring LSA hosts a second big social affair.  


* NOTE:  We ask that you PLEASE take these performance commitments as seriously as you would a professional gig, recital or concert.  It is imperative that you follow through once you have signed up, or else these opportunities will not be possible, affecting not only yourself, but also your Longy colleagues.  As students of Music, we are not only striving to perform well, but also to become responsible and dependable musicians, honoring previously-made commitments, and honoring one another's time.