Housing & Transportation

The Office of Admission and Student Services offers a variety of resources to help you get settled in the area. Please review the information below and refer to the links on the right for helpful guidelines for housing and transportation needs.  


Housing Resources

Longy is a non-residential campus and does not offer on-campus housing or dormitories.

The Office of Admission and Student Services is here to help incoming students connect with prospective roommates and apartments. Email admission(at)longy.edu with questions concerning your housing search. 

Housing Websites

Below is a list of the most popular housing websites. Please note that Longy does not endorse any of these services. Longy also maintains a Housing Available message board.

Find a Roommate

Due to high rental prices in the Greater Boston area, students are encouraged to find a roommate to share the cost of housing and associated expenses.

Longy can also assist you in your search through the Roommate Requested message board.

Other websites include:


The Greater Boston Area offers many options for transportation. 

Longy assists students with finding the most affordable means of getting around the city and offers several resources to members of the community.

Public Transportation

The MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority), or the "T" for short, operates Boston area subways, commuter rail, trolleys, and buses. The MBTA website provides useful tools to map your location, create point-to-point directions, and view schedules and fares: www.mbta.com

Semester T Pass Program

The MBTA offers an 11% discount on monthly fares when students purchase a Semester T Pass through Longy. These passes can only be purchased twice a year prior to beginning of the semester. All students will be contacted via email when registration for MBTA passes opens in the fall and the spring. 

Fall Semester Pass
4-month pass (September 1 through December 31)
Order Deadline: August 10

Spring Semester Pass
5-month pass (January 1 through May 31)
Order Deadline: December 10

Semester T Pass Order Form

Pass Descriptions 


Students who do not own a car and wish to have additional mobility outside of public transportation can register for a Zipcar account. This is option is a great short term solution for professional gigs or personal use.

Longy students can register at http://www.zipcar.com/universities/ and are eligible to receive the following discounts:

  • 75% off the annual membership fee
  • $25 application fee waived

Please note that you must be over 21 and have a valid driver’s license to register. Gas, reserved parking, and insurance are included in your membership.

Zipcar pickup locations can be found throughout the Cambridge and Boston.


Due to space restrictions within city limits, Longy can only offer on-site parking for staff and faculty members.

There are two hour metered parking spots available on Massachusetts Avenue, alongside the Cambridge Common park and in Harvard square. 

The following parking garages are located close to the Longy campus:

  • University Place Garage (45 University Rd.) $24/day 

  • Charles Hotel Parking (1 Bennett St.) $25/day 

  • Harvard Square Parking Garage (20 Eliot St.) $23/day 

  • Church Street Lot (41 Church St.) $34/day

  • Alewife T Station (11 Cambridgepark West) $7/day