Longy is a non-residential campus and does not offer on-campus housing or dormitories, however, the Office of Admission and Student Services is here to help incoming students connect with prospective roommates and apartments.  Please review the information below for a variety of housing resources and refer to the links on the right for helpful housing guidelines.  Feel free to email admission(at)longy.edu with any questions regarding your housing search.


Housing Resources

Find an Apartment

Below is a list of the most popular housing websites. Please note that Longy does not endorse any of these services. Longy also maintains a Housing Available message board.

Find a Roommate

Due to high rental prices in the Greater Boston area, students are encouraged to find a roommate to share the cost of housing and associated expenses. 

Longy can also assist you in your search through our Longy Roommate Board. This is a private Facebook group for incoming and current students that helps you connect with other Longy students looking for roommates or a place to live.

Please contact Lindsay Conrad, Assistant Director of Admissions, for more information: lconrad(at)longy.edu 

Other websites include:


Important Information for Renters

The Office of Admission and Student Services provides useful resources that will help guide your housing search. Please keep in mind that Longy is not an official roommate or apartment referral service. Students are expected to take the initiative in securing their own housing and roommates. More here.

Realtors and Landlords

If you have a housing opening that you would like to advertise to Longy students, please fill out the information on this page.