Teaching Assistantships

Every year, Longy awards approximately 20-25 Teaching Artist Fellowships that provide qualified students with tuition remission up to $10,000. Longy’s Teaching Fellows spend three to five hours a week working as a teaching artist with young people. Longy places a Teaching Fellow in each of the eight Boston-area El Sistema-inspired nucleos, as well as in the Cambridge Public School System. Our Teaching Fellows lead rehearsals and sectionals, teach private and group lessons, repair instruments, accompany and play side by side with young music students, coach chamber music, and support area music programming where the need is greatest.

  • As a teaching assistant, I have been provided with opportunities that are an irreplaceable part of graduate school experience. By venturing into Boston Public Schools, I am able to see what music education truly looks like. I am viewed as an expert in my field by my colleagues, peers, and the teachers I assist; each day that I spend representing Longy’s Teaching Assistantship Program leaves me humbled after seeing what powerful influence a musician can have outside the walls of my conservatory.
    Justin Croushore, MM candidate
  • My Teaching Assistantship was a wonderful learning opportunity. The faculty and staff at the Conservatory Lab School provided a supportive, nurturing environment in which I was able to challenge myself and grow as a teacher. The students, who I had the opportunity to work with several days a week, inspired everyone around them with their enthusiasm and creativity. As an alum of the Teaching Assistantship program, I now have a stronger foundation as a teacher, a better sense of how I'd like to incorporate teaching into my career, and new ideas of how I'd like to bring music to the community.
    Stephanie Cambra, MM '13