MAT: New Student Information

Congratulations on your acceptance to Longy. As you prepare for your transition to Longy, it is important that you read the following information:

Note: We will continue to update this page with information as it becomes available. Please visit this page frequently for the latest updates.

Important Dates and Deadlines

May 15: International Student Documents Due

May 24: LA Roommate Request Form Due (optional)

June 1: Health Insurance Enrollment Request Due (domestic students only)

June 1: I-20s Postmarked for International Students

June 20: Bio’s and Immunization Records Due (including a TB clearance)

June 27: Tuition Due

July 19: New Student Orientation

July 20-22: Take a Stand Symposium at Walt Disney Concert Hall (learn more about the symposium here)

July 26: First day of class

Orientation – Save the Date

New student orientation will be held July 19 at Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) in Los Angeles

Attendance at orientation is MANDATORY for all new students. Please contact Monique VanWillingh immediately at Monique.VanWillingh(at) if you have a conflict with orientation.

Housing and Meals

The Los Angeles campus of the Longy School of Music of Bard College MAT Program is uniquely integrated with the campus of Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA). Many of the standard college facilities do not exist at the residency program site. There are no dormitories or dining halls. Graduate students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements.

Longy does not offer on-campus housing, but we help students connect with roommates and apartments. Feel free to contact Monique Van Willingh at Monique.VanWillingh(at) if you have questions about your housing search or would like more information about the various neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area. Many students have successfully found housing and/or roommates through Areas of Los Angeles you can begin your housing search include: Los Feliz, Silverlake, Echo Park, Mid-Wilshire and Koreatown. All of these locations are a short (15-25 minute) subway/bus ride.

Apartment Costs

Rents in Los Angeles and the immediate surrounding communities range from $700-1200/month for a studio; $900-1400/month for a one-bedroom; and $1,200+/month for a two-bedroom. It is recommended that you get a roommate. Contact Monique Van Willingh at 617-876-0956, x1761. Rents usually do not include utilities. It is common for landlords to require you to pay the first month's rent, the last month's rent, and a security deposit, which is usually the equivalent of one month's rent. Make sure you get a receipt for every payment made to the landlord. If there is no damage to the apartment while you are living there, the security deposit will be refunded to you when you move out. As a result, the initial costs of moving into an apartment are very high but become affordable after the initial deposit.

Monique Van Willingh at Monique.VanWillingh(at)

Arranging for Utilities

Often your apartment will only be set up for one provider of each type of utility, so be sure to check with your landlord as to which utility company you should use before contacting a company. Also, companies usually offer discounts for combined phone, cable, and internet services.

Electricity, Water & Gas

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power:
Southern California Gas Company:


Time Warner Cable:

Renter's Insurance

You may want to invest in an insurance policy that provides coverage for your personal property from loss due to theft, fire, or flooding. These policies are relatively inexpensive, especially considering how useful they can be in the event of a major misfortune. They also generally include protection from personal liability if a visitor is injured while in your apartment. We also recommend that you obtain a policy that provides coverage for your instrument(s).

Housing Rights & Responsibilities

Information on tenant rights, laws, and protection within Los Angeles County can be accessed at

As a student you need to consider the following when deciding to rent an apartment or room:

  • Distance of the apartment from Longy at HOLA
  • Accessibility to public transportation
  • Rent and other costs, such as security deposits and/or realtor fees
  • Cost of utilities and whether heating is electric or gas (electric heat is far more expensive)
  • Conditions of the lease that the landlord will require. These include time of payment, proper use of the apartment, maintenance and repair, subletting, and ending the lease
  • Cost of furnishing the apartment in the way you prefer to live
  • The Lease 
Although it is possible to find apartments that are rented on a month-to-month basis, the vast majority of renters sign leases. The lease is a legal agreement between the tenant and the landlord that the tenant will stay in the apartment for a certain amount of time and pay the landlord a certain amount of money per month. It is meant to protect you as the renter as much as it is to protect the landlord, so make sure that everything that is agreed upon is in writing and that the landlord gives you a copy of the lease for your records. Also, be sure to read the lease thoroughly before signing it. If you would like to make any changes, discuss them with the landlord before you sign your name. The most common lease term is one year (12 months).

Follow these lease guidelines:

  • Read everything carefully.
  • Be sure the form is complete before signing.
  • If you have made special lease agreements with the landlord, make sure they have been added and are signed by both you and the landlord.
  • Find out how the lease can be renewed when the term is finished.
  • Keep a copy of the lease signed by you and the landlord.
  • Your lease should include:
  • Beginning and ending dates of the contract
  • Amount of the rent
  • Security deposit cost and what it covers
  • Furniture and appliances included with the apartment or house
  • Procedures for subletting
  • Party responsible for yard and shoveling of snow, trash removal, etc.
  • Whether utilities are included in the rent
  • Whether there is a parking space included

Common Lease Requirements

Amount of Rent – When you sign a lease you promise to pay the entire amount, not just the monthly amount. This means that if you leave the apartment before your lease expires, the landlord may require you, by law, to pay the rest of the rent due.

Amount of Security Deposit – The landlord is required to pay you interest on this amount. You should ask the landlord what the interest rate is equal to.

Rent Due Date – Rent is usually due on the first day of each month. If the rent is not paid on time, there is usually an extra charge you must pay.

Length of Lease – Most leases are for one year. You may be able to sign shorter leases at some apartments, although the rent may be higher.

Maintenance requirements – You are expected to keep the apartment clean and free of excess garbage. If you break anything in the apartment, you are expected to pay to have it repaired. Normal wear is expected. However, grease on kitchen walls, for example, is not considered normal wear and a landlord may deduct from your security deposit to have the walls painted.

Breaking the contract – If you leave the apartment before the end of the lease, you may still be required to pay the remaining months' rent if you cannot find another renter.

Subletting – With many apartments, you will not be allowed to rent the apartment to another person without the owner's written permission. Be sure that you understand this if you think you may want to leave before your lease ends.


Longy does not offer any on-campus parking options for students. The HOLA parking lot is reserved for HOLA staff at all times. Metered spaces are available on all major and side streets around HOLA and there are several parking facilities within walking distance of the campus.

To avoid the hassle and expensive of parking and maintaining a car, students are highly encouraged to use public transportation.

Immunization Requirements

According to California law, all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled more than half-time are required to provide documentation of immunity to measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chickenpox), tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (Tdap) and hepatitis B. All MAT students must provide a tuberculosis clearance (documentation of negative PPD skin test results within the last four years) to comply with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requirements. Students who do not comply with the requirements within 30 days of matriculation will be fined $75. In addition, a hold will be placed on the student's account, and no transcripts will be released. Students who do not fulfill the requirements will not be allowed to enroll at Longy.

All students must fill out the immunization form below and return it to the Los Angeles Campus by June 20, 2017 in order to be eligible for matriculation. Students who do not comply with the immunization requirements are subject to a fine and a hold on registration.

Longy Immunization Form, CA Campus (PDF)

Tuition, Fees, and Estimated Cost of Attendance
International Students

International students must hold a valid F-1 visa (or a J-1 visa for those students sponsored by an outside organization such as Fulbright). F-1 students must be enrolled in a full course of study. Click here to access additional information and policies for international students.

Form I-20, Required Documents, and Evidence of Financial Support

All F-1 students must receive a Form I-20 from Longy in order to apply for the F-1 visa. Longy will issue the Form I-20 only after the following documents have been received, reviewed, and accepted:

  • The completed application for admission including a TOEFL score report.
  • A clear photocopy of the student's passport from the home country. If a student has obtained a visa from another school, a clear photocopy of the student's previous visa is also required.
  • Certified evidence of financial support and a letter of sponsorship where applicable. This should include official, original records of personal or family funds. These records can also include the funds of outside agencies or sponsors.

All international students must submit proof of financial support that they, or their sponsors, can cover the cost of attendance for one full year at Longy.

Applying for the F-1 Visa

Students residing outside of the United States must take the following steps once Longy has issued the Form I-20:

International Students Currently in the U.S.

Students currently in the U.S. in valid F-1 status do not have to pay the SEVIS fee. The fee is not required from students transferring to a new school or changing to another degree program or level within 5 months of completing a previous F-1 program.

The student's SEVIS record will be transferred to Longy from the student's previous school after submitting a completed Eligibility Confirmation Form for School I-20 Transfer. Once the SEVIS record has been transferred, Longy will issue the student a new I-20.

Eligibility Confirmation Form for School I-20 Transfer (PDF)

Contact Information

We are here to help guide you through the process of becoming a student at Longy. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have – we are happy to help.

Monique Van Willingh
Director, Master of Arts in Teaching Program (Los Angeles Campus)

617-876-0956, x1761

Elvie Reyes
Director of Student Financial Assistance
617-876-0956, x1797