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For the last 36 years, students from around the world have received their Dalcroze education through this Institute. Graduates have returned to their countries to become leaders in the field of Dalcroze Eurhyhmics.

We are looking forward to a wonderful three weeks of music making. You will learn that the whole body is musical and will grow in countless ways as a performer, composer, or teacher. The Summer Institute offers a rich variety of activities. In all classes, music is central and listening is active. 

All questions are welcome during the Institute and information will be given about the process of attaining the levels towards Dalcroze Certification.

I hope you are intrigued and ready to join us!         

– Lisa Parker, Director Emeritus

About the Longy Dalcroze Institute


Dalcroze Eurhythmics uses rhythmic movement, intense listening, and improvisation to unlock creativity and open the doors to enriched and enlivened music making. Equally applicable to the music classroom and the private studio, to the beginning musician and the advanced performer, this holistic approach to musical understanding complements traditional avenues of study and practice.

The Longy Dalcroze Institute is designed for music teachers, instrumentalists, singers, conductors, composers, actors, dancers, and music therapists.The Institute includes License and Certificate Level Pedagogy classes, Eurhythmics, Solfege and Keyboard Improvisation classes.

All classes are grouped according to level. 


June 25-July 13th
Registration coming soon!


Lisa Parker, Diplôme Supérieur,
 Director Emeritus of Dalcroze Summer Institute

Eiko Ishizuka
, Diplôme Candidate, Director of Dalcroze Summer Institute

Adriana Ausch
, License

Ginny Latts
, License; Coordinator

Melissa Tucker, License

Elizabeth Lurie, Movement Specialist

Please note: Non-US citizens are required to secure the appropriate visa. Please see Longy's page for International Student Policies for more information.

What is Dalcroze?

Founder of the Longy Dalcroze Training Program and Director Emeritus of the Dalcroze Summer Institute at Longy, Lisa Parker, gives us a brief introduction to the subject along with demonstrations.

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