Dalcroze Eurhythmics

Dalcroze Certificate and License

Dalcroze Eurhythmics is a unique and powerful way to cultivate musical awareness and understanding. It utilizes the physical response to music, redefining the coordination between ear, brain, and body to develop musicianship and musical imagination in a joyful and stimulating way. An "embodied" sense of rhythm, harmony, and melody leads to vital performance and teaching.  

Dalcroze is an ideal area of specialization for the musician who loves many aspects of music-making: teaching, performing, creating, dancing, acting. It utilizes all the arts in a workshop for musical learning. Applicable to all ages and learning levels, it is suitable for the classroom, private studio, special-needs class, music therapy session, or college theory class. 

What is Dalcroze?

Founder of the Longy Dalcroze Training Program and Director Emeritus of the Dalcroze Summer Institute at Longy, Lisa Parker, gives us a brief introduction to the subject along with demonstrations.

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Dalcroze training has three interrelated branches of study:  

Eurhythmics:  Eurhythmics develops the student's spontaneous physical response to music through movement. Playful and interactive in nature, Eurhythmics is a challenging workout for the ear.  

Solfege: Solfège is the study of tonal and rhythmic relations. Through intensive, physicalized ear-training, frameworks of hearing are developed that lead to skills of music literacy: sightsinging, dictation, harmonization, and analysis. 

Improvisation:  Improvisation endorses and nurtures the basic and universal impulse to express one's own musical ideas. In Dalcroze work, improvisation is studied as an art in itself and also as an indispensable tool for the Eurhythmics teacher. Improvised music (voice, percussion, piano) inspires and directs the movement activities of the Eurhythmics class. 

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Dalcroze Summer Institute 
Internationally recognized Dalcroze Training Program 
Introductory, Certificate, and License level Dalcroze Training available 
3 week program, with 1 week option 
Longy Dalcroze faculty and Guest faculty

3-Year Certificate & Masters of Music (in performance or composition) Combined Program
This unique Dalcroze Certificate Program is available to any student enrolled in one of Longy’s Master of Music programs and requires an additional third year of study, as well as two sessions of the Longy Dalcroze Summer Institute. Students focus primarily on M.M. requirements during the first two years of the program, but may take Dalcroze electives in their first year. They will begin taking Dalcroze classes during their second year. The third year is devoted exclusively to Dalcroze study. 


Intensive Dalcroze Studies in: Eurhythmics, Solfege, Improvisation, Movement, and Dalcroze Pedagogy. 

Dalcroze Summer Institute: Students enrolled in the 3-year combined program will participate in Longy's intensive Dalcroze Summer Institute for 2 summers. Internationally recognized, this program allows students to work closely with leading national, and international, Dalcroze master teachers. In addition to advanced work in core Dalcroze subjects and pedagogy, the institute incorporates enriching electives such as: Plastique Animee, drumming, Dalcroze approaches to choral conducting, improvisation in the private studio, working with seniors, and folk dance.   

Practice Teaching: Students in their 3rd year of the combined program have the opportunity to gain hands on experience with their own classroom of students, while being mentored and guided as they develop their teaching skills. 

Academic Year Dalcroze Electives: Letting the Ear Lead -Ensemble Improvisation, Eurhythmics Lab, Musicianship for Singers, and Improvisation for Singers. 

Performance Opportunities: Students enrolled in the combined Dalcroze Certificate and MM program may continue to participate in Longy chamber music, ensembles, or other performance opportunities at the school in their 3rd year of intensive Dalcroze study. 



Lisa Parker, Diplomate,
 Director of Dalcroze Summer Institute and Summer Faculty

Adriana Ausch

Eiko Ishizuka
, Diplome Candidate, Director of Longy's Academic Year Dalcroze Certificate Program

Ginny R. Latts

Elizabeth Lurie

Melissa Tucker