Dalcroze Certificate and License

These internationally recognized credentials are offered by special arrangement with the Institut Jacques-Dalcroze  of Geneva, Switzerland. They are awarded by examination after intensive study of Eurhythmics, solfège, improvisation, and Dalcroze pedagogy. 

3-YEAR DALCROZE CERTIFICATE & MASTER OF MUSIC (in performance or composition) Combined Program

This unique Dalcroze Certificate Program is available to any student enrolled in one of Longy’s Master of Music programs and requires an additional third year of study, as well as two sessions of the Longy Dalcroze Summer Institute. Students focus primarily on M.M. requirements during the first two years of the program, but may take Dalcroze electives in their first year. They will begin taking Dalcroze classes during their second year. The third year is devoted exclusively to Dalcroze study. 

Level: Graduate (conservatory diploma, bachelor’s degree, or equivalent credential required).

Normal Program Length and Credits: 3 years, 24 departmental credits required for graduation for the Dalcroze Certificate (in addition to the credits required of the M.M. program; please note that the Dalcroze courses fulfill elective credit for the M.M. program and also satisfy the M.M. improvisation requirement). 

Admission Requirements

  • Previous studies in music theory, harmony and history – minimum theory skills at the level of the Longy proficiency exam or current enrollment in review courses
  • Piano skills – minimum skills at the Longy piano proficiency exam or early intermediate level
  • Interest in, comfort with, and exposure to movement through any of the following: ballet, folk dancing, modern dance, etc.
  • Previous teaching experience preferred
  • Interviews with Longy’s Dalcroze Faculty
  • Audition (information available upon request)

 Successful applicants are multi-faceted musicians who have strong general music skills, good basic training in voice or piano, and the motivation to teach.

View more information about the 3-Year Dalcroze Certificate and Master of Music Degree program, including faculty and program highlights.

Dalcroze Summer Institute video


Qualifies candidates to teach children and adult beginners

The Dalcroze Certificate may be earned through the academic year as part of the 3-year combined Certificate/MM program or through study in the Dalcroze Summer Institute.

Certificates are awarded upon passing examinations in Eurhythmics, Solfege, Improvisation, and Dalcroze Pedagogy as well as completion of a written portfolio. Certification requirements are available upon request.


Entitles the holder to teach adults at all levels 

The Dalcroze License is awarded to Certificate-holders with Dalcroze teaching experience upon completion of Methods III (a two-semester course offered during the academic year), proof of professional attainment, and successful completion of the License portfolio and examinations. Required License coursework for students who have already earned the Dalcroze Certificate through Longy includes Methods III. For students who hold the Certificate from other institutions, the faculty will devise a program of required License coursework. One-year, full- or part-time License programs are available to qualified students.  The Dalcroze License may be also be pursued through summer study alone at the discretion of the faculty. Summer License candidates must enroll in at least one Dalcroze Summer Institute for credit. Additional summers, taken for credit, may be required.