Artist Diploma

The Artist Diploma is Longy's highest performance credential and is awarded to exceptionally gifted performers who show outstanding promise for a professional career in music.

The Artist Diploma program is designed with flexibility in mind so that its candidates can focus their energies exclusively on performance and performance-related study. Lessons with the primary studio instructor, or in the case of an Artist Diploma ensemble, the primary coach, are the mainstay of the curriculum. The only school-wide requirement for Artist Diploma candidates is the Teaching Artist Program, which involves one semester of individualized study, designed in consultation with the Director of Teacher Education and the Dean of the Conservatory. Elective credits are also made available so that each candidate can pursue areas of personal interest, within the performance area or in allied areas of theory and composition, mind/body studies, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, or Jazz and Contemporary Music.

In addition to aspiring solo and orchestral musicians, the program is open to established chamber ensembles. At the time of application, Artist Diploma candidates must possess clarity and maturity of artistic expression and a deep commitment to pursuing a performance career, along with a record of previous professional-level performance experience.

Major Areas: Chamber Music, Collaborative Piano, Historical Performance, Organ, Piano, Strings, Voice, and Woodwinds and Brass.

Level: Advanced Graduate (conservatory diploma, bachelor's degree, or equivalent credential required).

Normal Program Length and Credits: 2 years, 20-22 credits required for graduation.

Admissions Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree, post-secondary conservatory diploma, or demonstrated equivalent
  • Applicants must demonstrate extensive performance experience at a professional level and the intent and ability to pursue a performance career

Special Procedures for Artist Diploma Applicants