William Lang, Brass - Trombone

Originally from Long Island, trombonist William Lang is an active performer, improviser, and teacher based in New York City. He can be found playing in all settings and style, from the cutting edge avant- garde and classical repertoire to Broadway shows and indie chamber pop. He has given his signature unaccompanied recitals throughout the United States, played concertos in both America and Europe, and has also recorded with such artists as Philip Glass, David Bryne, St. Vincent, and Jonsi (of Sigur Ros.) Intensely passionate for chamber music, he regularly performs alongside his groundbreaking ensembles loadbang (an original and unique group of musicians interested in cutting edge music) and the Guidonian Hand (a trombone quartet dedicated to breaking boundaries within the brass community.) The New York Times has called his playing "fiercely, virtuosic" and the Boston Globe has hailed him for his "superb performance" in past solo works.

As a teacher William believes that the 21st century musician must be flexible and have a large base of knowledge in both music and business. He believes that there are no insensitive instruments or orchestrations, and that all instruments can play on even ground. He promotes the trombone as a solo and chamber instrument with the ability to blend and perform with any type of ensemble, from trios with flute and guitar to quartets with singer, bass clarinet, and trumpet, all the way to performing with big bands and full orchestras. William also believes that we must learn to act as our own business managers, and learn to program, organize, and promote interesting concerts from the ground up. He teaches through experience and mindfulness of timbre, and by placing students in new and fascinating combinations of ensemble, encourages a full and varied palate of musical expression to emerge.