10.14.17 Longy Hosts: Unitas Ensemble - Mujeres

Edward M. Pickman Concert Hall, 8:00 pm

Unitas Ensemble presents their first concert in the "Mujeres Project" series.

La Calaca - Gabriela Ortiz
Concierto en blanco y negro - Claudia Montero (U.S. Premiere)
Kristhyan Benitez, piano

Journey of the Shadow - Gabriela Lena Frank
Don Gato - Paola Marquez (World Premiere)

About the Mujeres Project:
This year, Unitas Ensemble will present a series of concerts dedicated to commemorating Latina women. Promoting the work of Latinos, especially women Latinas, is a noble task which will bring together the city's classical concert audience, art lovers, and the Latino community. Performing works by Latina composers will foster discussions of important issues pertaining to the Latino community, such as domestic violence against women, gender and racial stereotypes, and how these issues affect the arts and our society in general.

For more information, please contact: info(at)unitasensemble.com