5.25.17 The Inner Mind of Schumann: Tradition vs Madness

Edward M. Pickman Concert Hall, 8:00 pm

“I think you should come …” says the ever-dreamy Eusebius. “No,” Florestan passionately interjects, “you mustn’t miss the wonder and tragedy of tonight’s music.”

Join faculty artist Esther Ning Yau (piano), Heather Braun (violin), and Rafael Popper-Keizer (cello) for a wild ride through Schumann’s kaleidoscopic inner world. Meet the passive and active alter egos of Schumann’s split personality—Eusebius and Florestan—on full display in the despondent Violin Sonata No. 2, whimsical Fantasiestücke for Cello and Piano, and cheerful Piano Trio No. 2. This program is part II of a larger cycle of Schumann’s piano chamber music presented by Esther and friends.