Department and Program Chairs

For all faculty and administrative staff, call:


Wayman Chin
Dean of the Conservatory 
x1787   wayman.chin(at)
Peter Cassino
Department Chair, Jazz and Contemporary Music
x1788   peter.cassino(at)
Mark Lakirovich
Acting Chair, Strings

Brian Moll
Department Chair, Keyboard Studies

x1761   brian.moll(at)
Donna Roll
Department Chair, Opera
x1777   donna.roll(at)
Karyl Ryczek
Assistant Dean for Faculty and Curriculum Development
Department Chair, Vocal Studies
x1798   karyl.ryczek(at)
Jorge Soto
Music Director, Sistema Side by Side Orchestra
x1779   jorge.soto(at)
Jeremy van Buskirk
Department Chair, Composition & Theory
Acting Chair, Chamber Music Program
Monique Van Willingh
Interim Director of MAT in Music, Los Angeles
x1761   monique.vanwillingh(at)
Andy Kozar
Acting Chair, Winds and Brass
Sean Wang
Acting Chair, Historical Performance
Music Director, Longy Conservatory Orchestra      



Academic Affairs fax: 617-876-9326